You Capture: Outside

It’s not well composed, its definitely a snapshot but This is my current favorite thing, a free grill from our chiropractor! We were without for 3 weeks or so and it was horrible.

I should point out that this is his old ‘broken’ grill and that is why we got it for free. The electronic ignition doesn’t work so we have to use a lighter….umm ok that is fine with me….


15 comments on “You Capture: Outside

  1. You got a free grill from your chiropractor??? Wow, does he give out free grills to all his patients because if he does, sign me up! 🙂

  2. Free is always good. 🙂 I’m so often amazed at what people throw out because it’s “broken” – and yet still works. Hmmm…

  3. We were without a grill for a while last year after we moved until I bought my husband one for your anniversary. Grilled chicken never tasted so good that first night. LOVE the grill!! 😀 So in other words, I totally understand this picture – ha!

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