Thoughts on Thursday: Don’t rub it in.

Lets face it we all make mistakes some big and some small (at least in our eyes but that that is a whole other post.) So when our spouse or significant other comes to us for help or just to talk about it dont’ rub it in more. They have come to you and have admited what they did was wrong, or dumb or silly (depending on the circumstance) they don’t need you to rub it in more. 

I have to be honest here, I’ve been having problems with my alarm clock for the last few months, until today it hasn’t caused me to be late just in and extream rush. But this morning I didn’t want to call MAC, I was embaressed this isn’t supposed to happen to 27 year olds who have been in the professional world for over 6 years…his reaction was a big deal to me he could either be annoyed and rub it in, or be supportive and help me figure out a system.

Show them support, help them out so that it dosen’t happen again, but please don’t rub it in.

PS I would like to say that MAC called me this morning to make sure I was awake and on my way to work, Thanks MAC!

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Don’t rub it in.

  1. does your alarm clock have the same tone all the time? I know when I used mine I would get used to the noise and tune it out. Maybe try switching it up a little. just a thought not sure if that’s your situation.

    I have to admit I rub it in a little bit when adam makes a mistake..I do it in a joking matter but should probably work on that.

  2. That’s nice of MAC to call and check if you’re awake 🙂 At least he didn’t let you sleep in because you “needed the rest” 🙂

    I’m also guilty of rubbing it in sometimes too. I also tend to do it with a sarcastic tone which totally makes matters worse. I’ve been trying, though, and working on being understanding. It’s always hard to get rid of a habit I’ve had since forever though…but I’m getting better at it!

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