The problem with thoughtful posts

The problem with thoughtful posts is I don’t stay on one thought long enough to formulate a whole post. I’ve been awake for about and hour and a half and already this morning I’ve been thinking about money, like how to save more, and also money, how to earn more. I’ve thought about  what healthy food to bring to my work potluck on Thursday (to no avail so if you have any suggestions let me know.) I’ve also thought about how amazing MAC is with all the hard work he did on the house yesterday and how nice it was to wake up in a clean calm house.

The money thing seems to be the most constant thought however. We arn’t in want, we are actually doing quite well but we had two big bills this month (new tires and car insurance) and I just don’t like how close to our minimum balance that brought us. Those are things we should be prepared and saved up for. Not to mention MAC would like to make a career change that would most likely include a pay cut…

Through all of this I’m realizing for about the billinth time that I over think things. Sometimes life just isn’t as complicated as I try to make it out to be. When you put it all out on paper its not all that sacry, ya know? OK sometimes it is but not now. Why do we get ourselves so worked up over nothing…

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  1. “Why do we get ourselves worked up over nothing?”–I might be the wrong girl to ask on this one (though i have gotten better). I don’t know though if it’s nothing we are getting worked up over or fear of the unknown. I know I have to take my car in tomorrow because the passanger’s side air bag light is going off. While I am hoping it’s a cheap fix, I also worry it could be a big problem. 🙁

    For your potluck have you thought of a fruit or veggie tray? They are big hits at our potlucks.

    Thank you for this post. I was beginning to think with all the chaos of this week/month I was the only one feeling this way!

  2. I think money is always a concern for people…unless you are uber rich and just fling money around and never work a day in your life. I think it’s normal to worry about money, especially if you know there will be big changes that will affect your current situation. I over think things all the time but I think it’s always better to have backup plans made so that when something does happen, I wouldn’t go into a state of panic and make things worse.

    Just know that it’s not bad to over think things and get worked up over nothing because it’s better to do that than to live carelessly and not worry at all.

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