Action photo hints.

I’m not even going to pretend I’m a pro but I have enjoyed taking photos of MAC and his buds playing paintball and I’m getting pretty good. (In fact now I realize the limits of my camera Olympus E-500…oh dear.)

Don’t be afraid to zoom in. When you are outside on a sunny day you can zoom as much as you want and really don’t need to worry about exposure. However if its dark out or you are inside the exposure becomes a concern. First off chances are flash won’t help with the lighting issue since you will be too far away.  If you have a SLR change out the lens to one with a larger zoom and then try not to zoom in as much, this will let in more light. Another possible option is try to get  closer, or try a different angle.

Some of my favorite pictures are from tracking (that is my word who knows what the pros call it.) I really like the motion it showes. See how blurry the background is in this picture but “D” is clear. I simply moved my camera with him and snaped pictures the whole way.

Lastly is Burst mode (again my term)image1.jpg it is the icon 2nd from the left you should have the option somewhere on your camera normally near the timer. Switch to this mode and your camera will keep taking pictures as long as your finger is on the trigger (with varying shutter speeds depending on your camera.) This is my current favorite hint, and how I caught this moment of “J’s” slide and the dust cloud.


mmm button

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  1. Or if you want to keep your smaller zoom on for ease of movement (not as heavy) just invest in a mountable flash which is a lot more useful than built in flash 🙂

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