Yesterday we took our first paddle since getting married and Coopers first trip ever! I’ve got to say it was interesting having a 55lb 11 month old puppy in the cock pit with me but I think he liked it! What do you think?

It was also Mac’s first paddle in years! But he had some business to attend to, here he is texting lol! (Sorry its blurry you don’t know how hard this is while your trying to keep a puppy in the boat.)

But as I said I think it was a sucess, we might not take him every time, but I think he will learn. Towards the end he was just laying there with his front paws dragging in the water. You can’t see it but I have a death grip on him with my knees here.

As you can see he was even good enough to sit with out me holding him at the end of the trip!

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