Thoughts on Thursday: Check-Up

Just like your body your marriage should get a yearly ‘check up,’ probably even more than once a year.

Pick a day where things are going well and sit down and have a chat. Ask your spouse what they like about how your marriage is going and something they would like to see happen more often. Also take a moment to address those little things that you would like to see change before they become major issues. The trouble with this is wording things right (for  me that is always the problem.)

I tried it the other day and it went well. I just started by asking MAC “If there was one thing you wanted me to work on what would it be?” His answer was my stubbornness, I asked to narrow it down a little more and he did it was wonderful. Then we went on to some thing I want him to work on, I didn’t say You need to improve this. I simply brought up an area that I saw needed improvement and asked him how I could help him out.

All in all it went very well I encourage you to do your own marriage check up!

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Check-Up

  1. Great reminder.

    You are right in that the wording is important, so that whatever is said does not come across as accusing or judgmental. A bit challenging at times. 🙂

  2. Interesting idea! I’ve never had conversations like this with Jason before since he tends to not be a very willing participant in this type of talk. I’ll have to come up with wordings that will encourage him to share more with me. I’ll also have to remember not to be offended if I don’t like what he says. Thanks for the idea!

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