Green Challange: Reuse Week 1

~I’m so confused this week I had Monday off of work and I forgot today was Wednesday sorry this was late!~

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Ok I know that going a whole month with out buying anything non-essential may be a little daunting so how about a week? Can you commit to that? Think about it and let me know. If you can commit to just one week I promise it will be worth it, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. So here was my week:

~I bought 2 pairs of  shoes, now was was a necessity…the dog at my work shoes. The other however was not…but it was on sale for only $8.00, I caved.

~I bought a pair of jeans, now these were iffy, I have jeans but I always seem to be running out. So that makes them a necessity right? Plus  I got them on clearance only $14.79

~I also bought some candy, but hey I was on vacation.


This is the place mat and napkin set I did not buy at Kohl’s even thought it was on super sale.

Here is just one of the many garage sales I drove past without stopping and buying things I probably didn’t need…


~Remove temptation from your e-mail, unsubscribe to any store advertisements that don’t offer any coupons. For the ones with coupons for this month just delete them right away.

~Don’t go shopping if you don’t have too. I would not have bought the jeans or the second pair of shoes If I hasn’t gone out for the first pair…

~ Here is a hint from my friend Vee ” I think about the money I’d be spending rather than the item I’d be getting. Puts it into perspective…works for me anyway.”

~This one is from my Friend Holley “impose a waiting period on purchases. if you want something, wait like…a week…and if you are still as hotfired about having it in a week, then maybe it is something you need?

6 comments on “Green Challange: Reuse Week 1

  1. “~I also bought some candy, but hey I was on vacation.”–I love this comment.

    For me the problem isn’t with coupons…my biggest problem is spluring on breakfast or lunch when I am flying out the door. Those are the times it’s not in the budget and I don’t have a coupon.

    I do tend to buy things after the waiting period: I bought a DVD set AFTER WAITING 3 YEARS to get it and a flat iron after a year of looking through packing boxes and not finding it. I waited 2 years to get my GPS system (and that ended up saving me money not wasting gas on getting lost). I figure if I wait that long for the items they are worth it! 🙂 I have also held off on getting my dream camera until Christmas time. Since I have one reliable point and shoot I can wait on the 2nd camera.

    Another method–think about the cost of the item and your estimated hourly wage (even if you’re salaried). Then think about how much time at work you have to spend to pay for whatever it is. Then think “Was the (hour, 45 minutes, whatever) I will have to work be worth this item?

  2. I’ve actually been good this week and didn’t buy anything that I didn’t need 🙂 Of course, being swamped at work and having to stay home 2 days to care for a sick E, helped keep me away from shops and stores that are having sales 🙂

    Love the tips that you shared. I agree with “~Don’t go shopping if you don’t have too.” It’s when I need to go to the store to pick up something that I find myself buying more stuff than I need. It’s the danger of walking up and down aisles and thinking to yourself if you need anything else for this shopping trip. Gets me every time.

  3. I try to think about how long I have to work for the item I want, including what’s taken out for taxes. If it would take a few hours to be able to afford the item, but I won’t get much life out of it, that really helps me make a decision.

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