Green Challenge: Buy Nothing

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we have heard those words a thousand times however have you ever thought that the order they are in might be important?  Well it is, the best thing we can do for the earth is to reduce our consumption of goods. Not to mention its good on the budget which is tight in this house this month new tires and car insurance due blah.

So I’m going to do something I’ve done before (a few times) with some to very little success. I’m declaring August a buy nothing month! This obviously doesn’t include food, toiletries and other true necessities.

So starting today and for the next 3 weeks on Wednesdays I’m going to give a tip on using what we have already in order to not buy more or ways to reduce the clutter in your house and such. Seeing how much we already have should help greatly.

Plus if I do buy something that isnt’ a necessity I’m going to confess, once a week on Wednesday.  I”m going to have to tell the world why I caved.

Here is the thing I want you to join me, I want your hints and your confessions. If you want to join me you can do that in 2 easy steps.

1st comment on this blog and let me know you want to join in.

2nd Post your tips and confessions for the next 3 Wednesdays and let me know you did. If you don’t have a blog simply leave your tips and confessions as a comment.

I will keep track of those who participate and put their names in a drawing for a prize to be disclosed later.

Life, Love, Green

Tip #1

Be inventive:

Do you need a new trash can and don’t have one lying around maybe a plant pot your not using, or a cardboard box you could reshape and decorate?

Find recipes to use those items you’ve had  in your pantry forever and then don’t buy them again.

Use the supplies you have for crafts, if your craft room looks like mine you don’t need anything extra.

8 comments on “Green Challenge: Buy Nothing

  1. I have a “buy nothing” challenge unofficially going on in my house – due to budget constraints. We’re eating from the freezer and pantry so that food costs are less and I’m shopping Craig’s List for needed dorm room supplies for this fall for my son instead of shopping Target. Good luck to you!

    Thanks for stopping by Black Kats Design.


  2. I am currently compiling a list of the top 100 green blogs for students and your site was recommended by a fellow green blogger. I was wondering if you could e-mail me so I could ask you a few questions about you and include more info about your blog in my article. Please include the title of your site in the e-mail, thanks!

  3. Very sensible. Sometimes, especially after a weekly trip for groceries, I pause and reflect, “Do we really need all these?” The money we spend on groceries alone each month is almost as much what our part time housekeeper makes from her 3 jobs! Yet it never seems enough, this urge to spend and expend and accumulate…

  4. what a good idea! I do your number one tip a lot anyway, and my budget sure could use some help… Maybe I should try it? I’m kind of a sopaholic, so it would be hard!

    Thanks for commenting on my rolled roses over on bugaboo, mini, mr & me! I’m kind of addicted to them now…

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