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Hi there! My name is Michele. I’ve come over from a crafty blog called Michele Made Me where I share my creative side and the fun stuff I make. Amber very sweetly asked me to highlight some of the recycled crafts that I’ve designed, and I said: “YES, of course!” So here I am today to show you some recent projects I’ve made utilizing the misunderstood, or at least neglected, toilet paper roll!

Now first off, I love to recycle. It appeals to the little environmentalist living inside my brain but also to the fact that I’m, well, cheap. I mean, no store can beat the prices at your friendly household recycling bin, no way. On top of that, toilet paper rolls are so easy and so much fun to work with! Those lovely little cardboard cylinders are like gold to me and they have so much potential.
For example if you require flowers for embellishing a gift or a card, look no further than the naked little toilet paper roll sitting listlessly atop your toilet tank. In a pinch, you could try making one of these:
I show you how to make them right here. These are unpainted but if you need coloured flowers, toilet paper rolls accept paint extremely well.
And as luck would have it, the above designs inspired all three of the following crafts!
First off, I turned one of the designs into these little flower brooches that double as Christmas ornaments. Here, as you can see, they are dressed in a coat of acrylic craft paint and loving it.
Secondly, in a clearly misguided attempt to beat the heat of this blistering summer, I devised some unfortunately luke-warm toilet roll snowflakes. But I say, what they lack in coldness, they make up for in charm!
And thirdly, if pure ornamentation isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps the very useful toilet roll pincushion will be more to your liking. It actually does hold pins, and it is quite fetching.
Now, if you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my toilet paper roll crafts, I’ve provided links to all the accompanying tutorials so if you get a hankering to make any one of them, please do so, and drop me a line to let me know how it all went!
Thank you Amber for the invitation to be your guest at the lovely Life, Love, Green. I’ve had a wonderful time!

10 comments on “Guest Post: Michele Made Me

  1. Oh wow! I can’t believe you made these out of toilet paper rolls! These are amazing! Another thing to add to my “to-do” list since we have quite a stack of toilet paper rolls waiting to be transformed into something.

  2. Ho messo da parte una grande busta piena di rotoli di carta igienica che porterò con me al mare questa estate. Adoro il riciclo e te ne hai fatto un’arte che ha tutta la mia ammirazione!

  3. Your creation are great and easy!! Love them, so I put them on my blog with the link on your blog!!
    If you disagree, tell me I’ll delete the article!

    Thanks again!

  4. Michele, you are really genius and marvellous. Thanks a lot for sharing your creations with us. Kindly yours, E.

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