Green your drive-Take the Bus

I know it sounds a little silly but I think this sentence sounds really cool. “I rode the bus to work today.” I’ve done it once before actually but now that I’m a ‘veteran’ (ha) I thought I would share my wisdom.

  • Use the trip planner if your bus system has one, its amazing and it knows what its talking about.
  • Write down your route (in your phone to save paper)
  • If possible sit on an inside seat to leave room for the next person.
  • Try not to talk on your phone if you can help it.
  • Bring a book (its a great time to read if you don’t get motion sick)
  • If your system offers a rechargeable pass, get one it is much simpler. The ones on our system don’t  expire so they are good for infrequent travelers like me.
  • When you’re ready to get off the bus, just pull the cord above the window to signal the driver. Signal about a block before your stop.

There are a few down sides for me however and this is why I don’t ride more often. If I work at 7:00 AM, which I do 95% of the time, the buses in my area are a lot less frequent and the express isn’t running yet. That means I have to get  on the bus at 5:35 instead of leaving my house at 6:25. The other downfall for me is the cost. Since I drive a Prius and my commute is only 13 miles the average cost for me to drive to work is $28.18/month. If I rode the bus ant the cheapest rate (which I can’t always) it would be $56.00 /month.

Here is one last thing to think about in the world of buses and being green:

You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by 5.4 lbs. by choosing transit
  11.5  lbs. CO2 produced by driving alone
6.2  lbs. CO2 produced by riding transit
= 5.4  lbs. CO2 saved!

4 comments on “Green your drive-Take the Bus

  1. Yeah..some days I WISH I could ride the bus but with my job that’s next to impossible. I do work from home on days when I can and try to schedule the appointments nearest to my house last on the days I have to be in the office!

  2. I LOVE taking the bus! Of course Tokyo’s public transportation is so incredible that I just love taking public transportation period! I really hate driving because of all the stress associated with it. I’m glad you have the opportunity to use the bus system every now and again. It’s a really great way to get some reading done and it’s also good for the earth 🙂

  3. Great post! I miss living in a “city!” Hubby and I lived in San Diego(downtown) and didn’t have a car initially. We walked or took the trolley everywhere. Oh, I loved the trolley!

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