Thoughs on Thursday: Share the load.

Life gets busy we all know that. However some of us are so locked into our roles that that when one spouse is busy their ‘normal’ tasks fall to the wayside. Certain things just have to be done and it doesn’t matter who does them.

Please excuse my use of ‘established gender roles” in these examples for the record I”m the one who mows in our house.

If  your husband is ill and the yard is starting to look like a jungle, go a head and mow it. If your wife has something going on every night of the week and your running out of socks, do a load of laundry. This seems so simple in practice and yet in so many marriages couples don’t share the load.

6 comments on “Thoughs on Thursday: Share the load.

  1. Totally agree! In fact, I think this is the only thing that Jason and I tend to have arguments about. He likes to believe that if there is something that needs to be done, all I have to do is just ask him and he’ll do it but he would never actually just go ahead and do them on his own. So frustrating! At least we’ve talked it over several times and things have gotten much better ever since Ellie entered our lives.

  2. last week i attened girls camp and hubby was working from home while watching the kids. i was happily surprised that he had washed clothes and dishes! when i am home, that is not something he would do w/o me asking/begging. but i guess he can step up to the challenge.
    as long as there arent many challenges…

  3. I agree with Jen – my husband is the same way, he thinks if I just ask he will do it, however, as women we don’t want to ask, we just want it done. One day they may understand this 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  4. It looks like I’m the third woman to comment on the whole “sking hubby’s to do work”. When Dean is doing the work, he does great. He spends all of his time on the computer and I’d much rather (most of the time) do something productive. We had this discussion recently, and I hope over time we can balance each other out more. Thanks for the post!

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