Green your lunch @ work.

I know going green can be a daunting thing, but its not all ‘crazy hippie stuff.’ A lot of it is quite easy. Here are two of my favorite green things.

My Sigg bottle and my To-Go Ware set.

These two things are with me 95% of the time.  I dont’ know about where you work but I have a break room with a sink, microwave and a few dishes. However the silverware is always missing, so most people just use the stash of plastic. Not me! I have 3 sets of these stashed all over one in my car, one in my purse and one in my lunch bag.  Here are a few reasons they are so cool.

  • The case (of my style)  is made from recycled PET plastic (soda bottles)
  • Bamboo is highly renewable
  • Some say bamboo has a anti-bacterial quality
  • Its a heck of a lot lighter than metal

So yeah, I like them and I use them all the time, when I eat take out (bad Amber bad I don’t get the plastic and lessen my impact. Plus out work if there are no forks its no problem. Check out the website here

Ok I talked a bit more about those than I will the rest because I”m guessing they might be new to you all.

Secondly I always have my Sigg with me it simply removes the need to ever buy  plastic bottle. If you pay attention and are a little inventive and prepared you can almost always find a place to fill it.

Lastly I transport my food in tupperware, evil I know but since I have the ability to remove it and re-heat it on a plate I can’t justify wasting all of that plastic. However if your workplace doesn’t have plates available I would highly suggest looking into some of the newer glass lunch sized containers out there for your lunch. 

I almost forgot, one last thing my cloth napkin so I don’t have to waste paper towels.

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  1. Seriously, I feel like every time I visit your blog, you have always have something interesting to make or to buy! That’s such a great utensil set to carry around! I should do what you do and have more than one set of portable utensil. I tend to carry the actual metal utensils when I remember to and when I don’t I always have to go searching for utensils to use. Good thing my workplace has actual utensils that I can borrow but at school, they only have the plastic stuff.

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