Dryerase Board – Summer Background

Woo Hoo! I’m home and I finally got this posted.  This is the new background for my dry erase board. It was simple I opened the back of the frame took out the old one and placed the new one. My husband likes it because it has more ‘writing space.’

I made this using some of my fave tools that many of you know about but here is one you might not. This little marvel turns my paper shapes in to sticker, great for narrow objects with lots of edges to hold down.


Life in the Pitts

8 comments on “Dryerase Board – Summer Background

  1. Ooo I’m liking the green background :). I think I agree with Mac about having more writing space… But only because I like to write a lot of stuff down 🙂

  2. you are so clever! I need to come have “craft” night with you and you can show me all your goodies! Love it!

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