You Capture: Vehicals

I had great ideas for this week that involved my wonderful Orange Shoes, but then I threw out my back and have been in bed for basically 6 days  so yeah didn’t happen, so this is what you get.

I thought it looked like he was smiling.


17 comments on “You Capture: Vehicals

  1. Lovely car and lovely photo of it.

    Thanks for coming over to see my shots and glad you liked them. Really appreciate you leaving a comment and hope to see you again.

  2. haha… reminds me of Doc in the “Cars” movie. We both need to take care of our backs! Geez we’re too young for this stuff!

  3. lol that’s just what i was going to say, it does look like he’s smiling…i see more cars in the background, what a neat show! feel better

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