Brugo Mug Giveaway!

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~*~ This is a ‘sponsored’ giveaway. By that I mean they gave me my mug for free. However I felt no obligation or pressure to give them a glowing review. I truly believe  what your about to read. ~*~

This is my new Brugo Mug, its color is seaglass ( I didn’t pick the color but I do like green!) I really only have 2 rules for my travel mugs, 1. It must screw shut, 2. It needs to do what its intended to do. If its good looking that always helps and this is a style’n and classy mug.

Well this one screws shut so #1 is taken care of, but whats really cool is that this one is intended for more than just keeping your drink hot. It also cools down a small amount to a great sipping temp! All you have to do is:

I was amazed it actually worked! It didn’t cool it down a ton, but just enough to sip and not burn your tongue. I was hooked, the only catch is you have to remember to tip it back or when you go to take a sip you get nothing. But that just takes some getting used to. If you savor your drinks like me eventually your drink will cool down enough to change it to sip only (instead of the tip and cool.) That brings up my next favorite feature of this mug the cap has Lock, Tip and Cool, and Sip openings. The lock is great because one of my skills is walking fast pumping my arms and splashing hot tea all over myself, not anymore!  I just throw it in my bag (right side up of course) when I’m walking in to work so I don’t have my hands full.

Not to mention it a reusable!! Bonus green points! Did you know you can bring this to your local coffee shop and often get a .10 discount! At least you can at the chain stores but I know many small shops around here who do the same thing.

So all in all I give it 2 thumbs up. there are a lot of colors available and right now they are running a great deal. If you buy 2 or more the cost goes down to $14.95 each (originally $19.95) and shipping is always free for orders over $50.00. Think about that price, you easily pay at least $13.00 for a mug at the coffee shops and they just aren’t this cool.

Here are the details:

  • 3-position drink mode selector “Lock, Sip, Tip & Cool”
  • Patented Temperature Control Chamber
  • Double-wall insulation
  • No-slip bottom
  • Choice of attractive, stylish colors
  • Stainless Steel and Chrome accents
  • 16oz / 450ml capacity – a large cup (Medium at Caribou or a Starbucks Grande)
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 13 different colors!

The winner of this giveaway will get a random color mug sent to them straight from the company. This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway. They are an international company and have volunteered to send it anywhere!

Here what you do, please leave a SEPARATE comment for each item. If you leave one comment with all five things it will only count as 1 entry.

1. Check out their web page and tell me your favorite color.

2.  Tell me your favorite ‘green’ tip, trick or hint.

3. Follow Brugo Mug on Twitter to keep up on their current sales and specials. As well as future giveaways!

4. Check out Brugo’s Facebook page and join for more great deals!

5. Tell me your favorite hot drink. Mine is tea, any tea as long as it is loose leaves and fresh brewed!

6. Tweet, post this on your blog or facebook this giveaway here is the short code for you: (only 1 entry)

Giveaway closes Wednesday July 28th at 10:00 CST

113 comments on “Brugo Mug Giveaway!

  1. My favorite green tip hummm I would say I use reusable grocery bags because they are better for the enviroment and way easy to carry if your walking. I find that when I have a plastic bag it cuts off my circulation.

  2. My favorite would be Flamingo. It’s quite a change from other mugs I buy that are brown or black.

  3. My favorite green thing is…to give what I don’t want anymore. Clothes, dishes, books. Well. I sell some of my books but I give some also. I give them to Renaissance. They give jobs, train people, and sell what we give to a very low price.

  4. I like tea but at work where I would use a mug like this one, it is coffee. I like skinny caramel lattes without whipped cream. Hmmm.

  5. I so need to win this one Ambs cus I totally melted Seth’s water bottle. Oops. I like Mist of Spring 🙂

  6. All my green tips and tricks I learned from you. Oh- I made my own Swiffer pads and they are reusable and work SUPER good.

  7. My fave green tip lately has been in starting to make Kombucha tea. You can reuse the jar you make it in over and over, as well as the kombucha scoby (the culture that makes the tea kombucha) reproduces itself everytime you make the tea. Thus, you can reuse your original scoby and pass one on to someone else, or have it to make two (or more) batches at a time.

  8. I am following this on Facebook, now. I do not use Twitter or I would throw it up there, too.

  9. My favorite hot drink depends on the season. Right now it is a soy latte with irish cream flavoring. In the fall I like hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick.

  10. my favorite hot beverage is French Vanilla Coffee, made by myself, for me, in the wee hours of each new day!

  11. I’m not a recycler, we have a large family, with no space, no garage to put the recyclables, but I do reuse all those crazy plastic handle bags you get from Walmart, Target, Krogers. . . .they go in my little trash cans in each bathroom! (Probably not the best “GREEN” tip you’ve gotten but that’s it!)

  12. Such pretty colors! SUNSHINE would be my favorite though, because yellow is my favorite color, and Sunshine was, believe it or not, my grandmother’s middle name (yes, it’s true!), and our nickname for our daughter when she was little (since grandma WOULDN’T let us name her Sunshine…).

  13. Green Tip: I hope this counts, I’m trying those green containers in the refrigerator to help save the food I put in them longer. So far so good!

  14. My favorite hot drink is hot apple blast from Caribou….it’s a once in awhile drink I get to spoil myself…since today I am feeling so sick maybe I will get one..

  15. Green tip: I use Reusable bags but on the days I forget: I use the small plastic bags as poop bags for my dog.

  16. Cool mug! I might actually buy one (or two) from them directly since it seems like a good gift to give people. I have a Starbucks mug that I use from time to time which does an excellent job keeping my tea hot (even after several hours) and keeping my cold drinks really cold. The only problem is that it spills if tipped over which gives me a headache.

  17. Favorite green tip…well I get a lot of mine from you but I also reuse a lot of the cardboard boxes that I get from ordering things online. I also reuse old t-shirts and make them into cleaning cloths or sew them together to make bags to hold stuff. I also reuse a lot of the plastic containers that tofu normally comes in. I use them to hold sauces or small stuff that I chop up for dinner. Oh and I like to reuse plastic pudding cups by making jello in them. It’s perfect for portioning out 1 serving size. It’s a trick I learned from my grandmother 🙂

  18. My favorite drink…hmmm…I normally like a nice cold cup of chocolate milk when it’s hot outside. Lately, before all this heat and humidity rolled around, my favorite drink was hot Hoji-cha (a type of barley tea) mixed in with some hot milk and 2-3 teaspoons of condense milk. It’s an interesting flavor that’s not too sweet. They sell this at Starbucks in Japan but I recreated it at home and saved myself $5 🙂 If I could send tea overseas, I would send you some hoji-cha to try because it’s really good tea 🙂

  19. Green tips–use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. They are great for cleaning, freshening up laundry etc, There are so many things,


  20. What a wonderful giveaway!! 🙂 Amber you rock girl!

    Fave green tip: using lemons as a natural cleaner as well as baking soda…

    <3 Love and hugs to you! <3

  21. I love color…so I would pick the Flamingo in the Jazz Collection as my choice.

  22. My favorite green tip is to use cloth kitchen towels instead of paper towels. They are much better for the environment.

  23. I love the “Passion” color. I would even go for the “Flamingo” just to be different – and bright!

  24. Green tip – We bought a set of glass Pyrex containers for our leftovers for lunch. Since they’re glass, they’re safe to microwave. And since they aren’t plastic, we’re not harming the environment by throwing them out (eventually – not right away). We have two sets, one for me and one for my husband, and love them.

  25. I don’t drink many hot drinks during the summer, and I’m not a coffee drinker. I love hot chocolate during the winter, though. And tea. But, really, I would use this mug for hot chocolate. 🙂

  26. 5. Hot chocolate is definately my hot beverage of choice with whipped cream and a soft warm blanket! mmm!

  27. 2. Tell me your favorite ‘green’ tip, trick or hint.

    I always pack my lunch with reusable containers that I can heat and cool without a problem. I also always take my own silverware, rather than using plastic and have a fun Built NY lunch bag, so no more using plastic bags to take my lunch!

  28. 3. Follow Brugo Mug on Twitter to keep up on their current sales and specials. As well as future giveaways!

    following as frznmoments 🙂

  29. 5. Tell me your favorite hot drink. Mine is tea, any tea as long as it is loose leaves and fresh brewed!

    I love Starbucks! My staple is usually a Skinny Vanilla Latte …. yum!

  30. My favorite green tip is to give the clothes dryer a summer vacation, and dry clothes outside on the clothesline. It not only saves water and electricity, it cuts down on your electric bill as well as helps keep your home cooler. Nothing smells better than clothes dried with sunshine and fresh air!

    sundance.survey at

  31. My favorite hot drink is Chai Tea Latte…or plain old coffee with a little bit of sweetener.

    sundance.survey at

  32. A green trick we use at home – We keep a bin in our sink to catch rinse water from dishes (we hand wash as we don’t have a dishwasher). When the bin is full, we empty it into a 5 gallon bucket in the garage. When that is full, we water our plants with it!

  33. My favorite hot drink is an Americano with two pumps of white mocha syrup, made with just a little bit of room to add cream. Yum!

  34. I don’t know if it is a green tip, but I always keep my reusable market bags in my trunk so that I will have them whenever I need to stop for groceries.

  35. My very favorite hot drink is a sugarfree vanilla latte. The day is just not the same without it!=)

  36. My favorite green tip is to buy used! Go to yard sales, thrift stores, etc. before buying new. You are saving good things from going in the landfill and saving the energy and resources used in making that new thing.

  37. And my favorite hot drink is fresh tea, especially mint i think which is delicious!

  38. My faviest green tips is bringing own plastic bag wherever i go.
    I dislike to collect many plastic bag in my house 🙁

    email me 🙂

    thankies for helding this giveaway

  39. My favorite green tip isn’t very original, but every bit helps – I always take reusable shopping bags wherever I go. Not only does it cut down on plastic bags, but they hold so much more stuff and its easier to carry!

  40. My favorite hot drink is tea, far and away. I like regular black tea with milk (it’s hard not to in England) but I also like plain, nothing-in-it-at-all green tea.

  41. my obvious green tip is to separate household waste as well as collect paper for recycling and to exchange it for toilet paper rolls

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