Deco Box

It’s easy and all you need is what you have on hand. The box I used was from a tea-cup set I got for my birthday from my MIL and all of the paper and embellishments I had on hand. I wanted a cute way to keep all of my pieces for my Texture Boutique together.

It was pretty easy I just gathered my supplies


Marked off where I wanted the paper and did some measuring.

Cut the paper out.

Place the corners on first so the other sides would hold it down.

Glued on the ends

Decorated the front (buttons and brads, as well as letters I cut out)

And that was it!

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5 comments on “Deco Box

  1. I just love all the projects you’ve put up recently! Looks like I’ll be adding this box to my “to-do” list! I’m so backlogged on all the stuff I want to make and work on that I’m really looking forward to my one month break between school semesters so that I can catch up on stuff!

  2. This is so cute! I love the colors. Also, thanks for the tip about putting the corners on first.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!

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