Planned and prepared

I like things neat and tidy, planned and prepared. My work schedule is planned out about 6 weeks in advance and I like that (except when we don’t know what my hubby’s schedule will be.) I like to know what is going on, and be early for appointments and such. Some may say I’m a “Type A” personality, and they may be right.

I’m ok with it though, some see it as needy (because I need to know what is going on and when,  for example when to expect my husband home or what our plans are for the weekend. Its just how I work.

There is a logical reason though. It started back in grade school. I was diagnosed with ADHD and one of the ways to keep me on track was to keep me organized. It works, if my room (now house) wasn’t a mess with toys everywhere it was easier for me to focus on my homework. If I kept a calendar then I didn’t forget things as much and so on. Now if my house is clean then I can focus on my projects, my husband and my dog and not have to worry about cleaning. If I have the calendar planned out then I don’t double book or over book myself.

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