Water resistant envelopes

Recently (I think this is the 2nd month) Hubby and I decided to get a handle on how much we go out to eat for both heath and budget reasons. I kept that cash in a special envelope in my purse and when the money ran out that was it until the next withdraw. However since I always carry a Sigg bottle with me everywhere I go from time to time it leaks and ruins things made of paper. So I decided to do something about it and came up with this!

It is pretty simple to make and with the exception of the contact paper (clear shelf liner) you probably have all you need around the house.

All you need is a main paper, contrasting paper for the words, another envelope, contact paper, and a way to cut letters (my Cricut) and a way to cut the paper (I use a 12 inch trimmer) snaps are optional.

First unfold the envelope careful not to tear the sides. Match one of the long sides up with the side of the patterned paper and trace out the shape.

Then cut out the envelope.

Next  cut out the letters you need to label your envelope. Make sure the whole word or phrase is small enough to fit on the envelope.

In my opinion this little X do-dad is the best way to make anything flat into a sticker. Then I use my other fancy doodad from Creative memories to get all the letters lined up and centered.

Then just place them on the envelope.

Cut out a piece of contact paper and cover the full envelope.

Spread a THIN layer of gorilla glue On the bottom two edges of the envelope and weight it down so it spreads out not up.

Add as snap if you want and your all done!

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7 comments on “Water resistant envelopes

  1. Hey, that’s a neat idea! I’ve always just wrapped a towel around my bottles or end up holding them the entire time just to keep the papers in my bag dry. Doesn’t always do a very good job… I think I should give this a try with a bigger envelope. Thanks for the helpful tip!

  2. Neat idea! I love using envelopes for organizing, but they do tend to disintegrate after a while.

    I’m hopping over from Just Something I Whipped Up Monday. Have a great week!


  3. So cute! I have to fold regular envelopes in half to fit my wallet. This would be great b/c I could just make it smaller once I got the envelope open and can see the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

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