USA Outdoor Sign

I’m really excited today this is my first tutorial from a completely original idea! Check out my new front door swag.

Oh and I would like to point out I bought nothing for this post is was all stuff I had on hand.

I know the 4th of July is about our independence, but it is also a day to celebrate those who keep our country free so thanks for those I know who are in active service now, my cousin Brock and good friend Tom.

It was pretty easy to make all you need is an old frame, burlap (doesn’t have to be one piece) paint and some vinyl. (Check to the right for the Expressions Vinyl button for a current coupon)

First you cut the burlap to cover the glass you’ve removed from the fame. I  cut two pieces that when overlapped covered it completely.

The best way to cut burlap is to pull out one of the strings where you want to cut then you will have an easy line to follow

Then cover the glass with Mod Podge and flip it on top of the burlap

Weigh it down and let it  dry

Then trim off the excess burlap

I painted the background splotchy and it mostly blended in with the burlap this step would be optional

Cut out the letters USA in whatever font you want from your vinyl.

Leave the letter behind and use the outside as your stencil.


Block out any details I have stars on the U and stripes on the S and A


Don’t forget to trace the edges around the stripes.

There you have it just load it back in the fame

Add some embellishments.

Flower pattern found at Second Street

Then hang.

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