Thoughts on Thursdays: As Seen on TV

Have any of you watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette? I haven’t, I want to make that very clear.  However I hear about it A LOT. People talking in the break room, on the radio and on the cover of magazines in the checkout lines.

The current controversy makes me sick. Not because they are splitting up (real love in a few weeks on a TV show? I doubt it) but because of all of the slander. Two people who love each other should not do this especially in a public forum. I understand that their lives are on TV and that is, in a way, the nature of the beast, but why do an interview and publicly air the others dirty laundry.

I know that this is an extreme case, but think about how this can come up in our daily life. Why would you belittle your spouse in front of all of  his friends, or in front of your kids? No wonder there is such a poor perception of marriage from the outside looking in.  Not to mention the damage this can do to your relations ship.

If you need to correct your spouse do it in private unless it MUST be done in the moment. I understand sharing your frustrations with a close friend or two but do it in a way to enhance and ‘fix’ your marriage not just idle gossip. 


One thought on “Thoughts on Thursdays: As Seen on TV

  1. I’m not quite sure about the latest scandals on tv back in the states but I do agree with you about people going public with their nasty attacks on each other. The worst ones are the couples who have kids but still attack each other viciously in public. Of course, it doesn’t help that media and people who buy those gossip stuff are interested in and is fueling this type of negativity.

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