A fish story.

Our trip to Canada was my very first fishing anything, license, trip, actual time fishing. So of course the guys made it their personal mission to help me catch my first fish. I did (a walleye) the second time we went out, we got it in the boat, off the hook, and in my hand. Then it was time to get the  camera out. Boys are slow…It started wiggling and well “free willy!”

See it was right there.

Later in the trip I caught a small mouth bass on my very first cast, I got it all the way up to the boat but my father in law forgot that I wanted  a picture with my ‘first fish’ and let it go since you don’t keep smallies.

My 3rd catch of the trip was a big one it was heavy and it wasn’t fighting at all….it was a tree branch. We pulled it in and I finally got my picture, lol. I thought this was hilarious, “So far I’ve caught a walleye, a smallie, and a branch and the only one I have proof of is the branch.”

But then it happened I started catching a few more and finally got my picture, notice the glove I’m not letting go this time.

Here is another one. It was pretty big and well I thought it was a weed, the boys told me I got a fish but I was to busy trying to get rid of my ‘weed.’ Then the weed started fighting back…oops.

So I would say I had a pretty successful first fishing trip wouldn’t you?

4 comments on “A fish story.

  1. I need some of those gloves for our trip! I hate touching them with bare hands because the bluegills can zap you with their fins, but if I had those babies I’d be able to wrangle them just fine 🙂

  2. Great pictures! Imagine that-you losing a fish because you wanted a picture. Too funny! Glad you had a good time.

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