Thoughts on Thursday: Guest Blogger

Hey all this is Amber here. I just got back from Canada last night so I decided to have one more guest blogger to give me a little break before I”m back to the ‘real world.’ This post is actually written by my mother from Treasure to Treasure. She is new to the blogger world and has some very insightful faith based posts.

“Playing on the same team”

Do you remember hearing at your wedding “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”  I bet you remember the “kiss the bride” part more than the statement before it!  I can tell you even after nearly 29 years of marriage we need to remind ourselves daily that we are “husband and wife”.  To me that means we are on the same team.  Our family is in to volleyball so it’s easy for me to picture a volleyball match going on. My husband and I are on the same side of the net, playing WITH each other, not against each other.

Just remembering that fact can change a whole conversation. When he wants to do supper first, then watch some TV and finish the night with planning the next days agenda and I want to plan the agenda over supper I just might stop to think that he’s really tired and needs some time to change gears before thinking about tomorrow. When I don’t stop to think like a team player, I insist on talking to him when he’s not ready to listen let alone contribute. He then gets irritated. I then get irritated…well you get the picture. It’s not team playing. It’s me bumping the ball to him and he’s not ready to play. So next time you start a conversation stop and think. Is your “team” ready to play?

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