Blogs I’m Reading

While I’m away I thought I would give you the links to some of the blogs I read everyday.

Household hints/decorations

Back to the Basics  is a new blog with a lot of great hints. Some recent posts include building your own water purifier, Strange uses for aspirin and more!

Flamingo Toes In her own  words Beverly is “Loving God, Enjoying life and making stuff.”  One of her fun new projects is going to be in my guest room as soon as I can manage it check out this Anthro-Inspired mirror she made!

Being Green

The Alternative Consumer is a great catch all green blog. Shopping, news, food and about anything else green you can imagine.


The Big Give is out to encourage us all to do random acts of kindness for under $20.00.  For more about the rules and such click here.

2 comments on “Blogs I’m Reading

  1. Amber – thanks again for the link. I’m looking forward to checking out the other sites you’ve listed. Hope you’re having a great vacation!

  2. I forgot to thank you for adding my blog on here. You’re awesome. I liked looking through the other blogs as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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