Instant Gratification

Today is my first day of vacation, I have posts set up from guests and myself for the next week, hope you enjoy them. See you next week, I will be back with pictures for sure!

In a world of instant gratification the lesson of patience is a hard one to learn. This has never been so obvious to me as it is now.

We all know about instant gratification in its normal forms, shopping, the Internet, smart phones and so on, but what about food?

I’m trying to cut down my snacking, I’m eating healthier and more sustainably. we as a nation have become so accustomed to heating too much that when we try to cut back to a sustainable amount of calories our body cries out for more food, but we don’t need it. I’m working on training my body to live off of a more acceptable amount of calories.

So here I sit at work after eating a good breakfast, craving a snack, even thought I don’t feel hungry. It would be easy all I need to do is walk in the break room…but I won’t. I will learn to control these non essential urges.  I won’t give in to this instant gratification, starting with food hopefully this will transition in to my shopping a little more.

Here are some of the tricks I do to help me out.

1. Plan my meal/calories before the days starts so I know right where I sit.

2. Brush my teeth after lunch (no one wants to eat with clean teeth right?)

3. Make myself aware of the amount of calories in the snacks we have at work (whoa baby, that would stop anyone.)

4. Drinking lots of water.

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