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I don’t use too many pesticides because I don’t want my dog eating them. But I will admit to using them from time. However I don’t buy it, the only reason I have/use them is because the previous owner left them behind. I can’t bear to just throw them in the garbage that for some reason seems worse.

Anyway if you want a ‘green’ lawn here is what you do:

~ Mow your yard tall between 2 1/2-3 inches this will protect the roots from the sun. They say the roots go as deep as the blade is tall. So this will also give it a better root system.

~Keep the ground clear of excess debris so new growth can come through. I do this by mulching every other time I mow, every time if its been rainy (I don’t want to promote mushroom growth.)

~Aerate (sp?) your lawn its a workout with spikes on!

~Let your grass seed itself, Every few mowing’s let the grass grow tall enough to seed.

~Take care of lawn eating bugs with organic/bio degradable dish soap in a lawn sprayer hooked up to your hose.

~Vinegar can kill grass in unwanted areas.

~Train your dog to urinate on a rock covered area and clean up #2 often.

~For yellow patches rake well to get up all the dead grass and let it regrow itself.

~ Collect rain water and use it to water your garden and flowers.

~If you water your lawn get a soil moisture meter to make sure your not over watering it.

~Use your yard trimmings around your garden.

~ Use electric tools if hand tools arn’t an option.

2 comments on “Green your lawn

  1. Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting on the number coasters!! I hope you have a great vacation!! 🙂

    These are great ideas for greening your lawn…I am in need of these tips as we are soon moving to a bigger property that has gorgeous lawns and we also have a dog and two kids that we don’t want to harm with chemicals (it’s illegal here anyway, to have pesticides sprayed on your lawn). Thanks for the tips!!

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