Glass Etching

I bought some plain glass bottles the other day to replace the cheap oil bottles we purchased when we got married (just about one year ago.) The old ones were ugly, broken, and confusing. I could never remember was the olive oil the one with the fish or the rooster on it? So out with  the old in with the new. But they were still plain and that was more confusing… So out came the glass etch cream


First I made a stencil out of clear shelf (contact) paper and my Cricut. To get the letters vertical I used my gypsy that my husband got me for Christmas, amazing!

(This is a very happy me at Christmas and see how I made the text vertical on the right side of the screen.)

Then you place the stencil on the glass slowly and carefully. Rub down the edges of the design well.

Glob on the etching cream very thick so that you can no longer see the glass.

Leave on for 5-6 min and then wash off and remove the stencil.

As the bottle dries you will see the design. There you have it! The hardest part is placing the stencil

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