Thoughts on Thursday

“We waited to say I  Love You.”

MAC and I have both had our hearts broken, mine when Mark got sick and then again when he passed away.  

 We were both scared of falling in love again and maybe more scared to admit it. Love is a powerful word, it means a lot and we use it too passively.

I remember very clearly one night talking to MAC on the phone, there was this quiet point in the conversation, it seemed  natural to say I love you, but I couldn’t I wasn’t ready. So I told him that “there is something I want to say here but I’m just not ready” his response made me melt “that is fine, I know, just wait until your ready.”

Now that we are married I find myself using the word love far to often for such trivial things. So starting today (again) I’m standing up for the word love. I’m going to dig out my thesaurus and find other words for things I like. Because the fact of the matter is I don’t love MAC the same way I ‘love’ scrap booking or steak or a great photo. I love him so much more than that. I want to keep the word and the meaning special.

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. What a sweet response from him. I totally know what you mean about overusing the word love. I love a lot of things. I love my husband in a much deeper way. I don’t know exactly how to express that to him properly but now you have me thinking about it. Thank you for that.

  2. I’ve actually been thinking about that lately. I use the word “love” way to often, and I need to pull it together and think of other words to say so that when I actually say “love”, there’s real meaning behind it. I’m with you on this one… lets do it together!

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