The Joys of Tea.

I love tea, and I’m slowly becoming a tea snob, lol. I drink only loose teas these days for hot tea and for Iced tea I do a mix of Lipton black tea and loose tea in the interest of not going broke (we drink a lot of iced tea.)

With all of that in mind I wanted an easier way to bring tea to work. So I made something:

I use coffee filters to make my tea bags and tie them with string that I use over and over. This time I used standard black tea and put in a few blackberries that I crushed between my thumbs.

Then I put the tea bag and a few slices of lemon in my smooth ball jar that I etched with the words “Sun Tea’ just for fun. I used my Cricut and Gypsy to make a stencil and then I used Armour Etch. Pretty simple.

Then I just watched it brew!

(Check out that depth of field)


9 comments on “The Joys of Tea.

  1. Sweet Amber,
    I received your order on Etsy for the necklaces! Thank you! I sent you an email, I hope you did receive it! Please respond back and let me know you got it! 🙂

    By the way, I LOVE this post. Just the other day I was walking down the road and thinking about making some iced sun tea! You gave such great ideas and pointers!

    Love it!

    Love to you! XO

  2. Thanks for you comment on my bag! Love your etched jars, they are so pretty. Also love your idea for using coffee filters for loose tea—I will have to try it soon. I don’t have any sun here today so maybe I’ll try it as hot tea instead…

  3. What cute little jars! I was just saying to my hubby that I wanted to show the kids how to make sun tea–I didn’t think of letting them each do their own! Great idea!

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