Behind the reveal.

The first ‘problem’ we came up against was the plumbing for the tub, the house was litrealy build around it which made fitting new pipes in to the old space. We ended up fliping one pipe upsideown to make it work….

Then we had the same problem with the sink. The drian pipe coming out of the wall was too long. We had to use this bendy pipe to make it work because I don’t think cutting through cast iron was a good idea…

Finally they had cut a hole out of the vanity for the built in sink.

So we cut this piece of wood to cover it (it needs one more layer of paint.) PS this is a bad representation of the color of paint, the light was an issue.

Painting the wood work was a pain too. I started  by sanding and priming with gray primer (since it was going to be painted a dark color. I dont’ know if it was the type of paint or the high gloss finish, but every method left streaks and looked terrible. We finally tried the same paint brand in spray paint and it worked great!


For the bathroom reveal look here 


Come back tonight for the details (Paint, decorations and such)

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