Bathroom Reveal

Here it is at long last the new bathroom!

A few things still need to be done, ie the trim around the door. But other than that its done!

Not going to lie, this was a hard project, Everything in the bathroom was so customized we had to be pretty inventive to make it all work. I’m going to show you some of those “inventive ways’  tomorrow. 

Here are some of the fun details.

This trash bucket is actually a flower pot. Even at Wal-Mart they wanted $20.00 for  a tiny bathroom garbage but this one was at Marshalls for   $12.99!







This is one of those fancy things I never would have gotten but the hubby encouraged me and now I love it!







For more about the process click here and here.

For what it looked like when we bought the house click here.


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15 comments on “Bathroom Reveal

  1. Good work! This is absolutely gorgeous! Doesn’t it feel good to do it yourself and see your results?! (we redid our hardwood floors and it helps me appreciate them way more!)

  2. Love your bathroom! Great idea to use a flower pot instead of a garbage can…looks way better too. Found you on Tea Rose Home!

  3. I love what you’ve done with your bathroom! Totally love the color you chose too 🙂 The link for the “before” photo doesn’t work but just based on the photos from your “process” photos, your new bathroom looks much nicer than what it did before. I’m impressed 🙂

  4. Oh, I love those mirrors – I’ve never seen any hung that way! Are they actually hanging from the rod? Do they attach to the wall at all?

  5. I read this just a few minutes ago and thought I’d pass it along even though it’s not definitely that topical. For those who had to move 3000 miles away, what 1 thing would you miss one of the most?

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