Man, I feel like a woman.

I noticed something today(Friday 5/28/10). I feel like a woman, a ‘real’ wife. I know this sounds like an odd statement but I never really have. When Mark and I got married I was his wife no doubt, but it was anything but normal. We were 19 both in collage and having a lot of fun. Then right when we would be transitioning into a time of ‘normal’ marriage he got sick. Then I became a wife/_______ caregiver, comforter, nurse, maid, chauffeur, errand runner and so on. I never really had a chance to develop the ‘womanly’ side of me.

It hit me today, I’m a ‘real’ wife now, I feel like a woman….and I like it. I’ve worn 2 skirts this week, because I wanted to. I’ve chosen outfits for home that are not only comfy (my top priority) but look good too.  I’m enjoying something I’ve always seen as work. I like playing with my make-up, and making sure my nails look good.  I’ve even started to pay attention to the beauty products that I use. I want to make sure it is as natural and as eco responsible as it can be w/o going broke.  I’m talking care of my body by working out and I’m watching what I eat (even healthy foods can have a lot of calories.)

Mac has been amazing in the development of this. He hasn’t pushed for me to be more girly or to look nicer. He just encouraged me to take care of myself and as I started to develop and interest he would keep encouraging me. Telling me I looked nice and he liked my make-up or my outfit. It is amazingly wonderful.

I know that looks aren’t the most important thing in life. But to be honest its nice to be able to care about it. I like being a woman. This is more than looks its about feeling like myself and knowing who that person is. I feel good, life is good, God is great!

(I’m the one in the pink.)

4 comments on “Man, I feel like a woman.

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your feminine side 🙂 Everything you’re doing right now sounds so great! I’ve never really acted very girly since I’m a complete tomboy but every now and then, I would wish I can get my nails done and learn how to apply makeup. I’m really glad that you are finally able to feel like a wife and enjoy taking care of yourself 🙂

    Just remember to savor all of this now before you plan to have kids with Mac!

  2. You look great! =) I also love taking care of myself so I could take care of everyone else as well. I already have two kids and sometimes my hands are really full but I ask my husband to allow me to have my “me” time where I pamper and take care of myself. I get to have my nails done or go shopping with my mom without worrying too much about the kids (because he took charge of taking care of them while I have my “me” time). Enjoy!

  3. How fun! I’m glad that you’re having fun exploring the feminine side of life- we all need to do that from time to time!

    I love the dress and pink top- you are gorgeous!

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