You Capture: Sky & Pics 23, 24

They sky in my area has been extremely boring this last week. So I was pretty excited to be able to use my shoes in the picture to give it some color.

However there is only so much you can do with orange heels and a boring sky so I decided to try out a new panorama feature  I’ve been learning about in Photoshop Elements (Amazing!).

The first one turned out good except for the pole the shoes were on

 Here is the view of the back of our house

But really the sky is still boring so I looked through my old photos and here is what I found

Believe it or not the only editing I did on these was some cropping.

15 comments on “You Capture: Sky & Pics 23, 24

  1. The sky has been quite boring for us here too, which is why I didn’t participate this week.

    I love the pictures you took with your shoes in them. I always find them so funny 🙂 The first photo is the strangest one since the shoe looks like it’s pretending to be a bird perched on a tree branch 🙂

    Great photos!

  2. Very interesting……Great pictures yourself….You made a comment on my blog about the shuttle launch about going to boot camp…small world…so did I…89 Greece, 90 Egypt, 92 Honduras, 01 Mongolia and 03 Desert Angels….one year Bob Bland had us up for hours waiting for some Mars rover launch……never did go up…small world.

    I read your story too…..Hope you are so happy now! I actually married a national from my last trip’s debriefing in Ethiopia….so my hubby Ethiopian……Ugh, I am knee deep in TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are happy though, and it is really nice to feel cradled by love.

  3. Hi! Well you have a pretty good collection, glad you digged in and showed us some nice ones! I liked the second one with the shoes, i think its cool:) as well as the last one with the fluffy clouds and the hue of the church picture too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Cheers!

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