Dry erase board w/ Changeable Background

~For those of you coming over from Scrappy Gifts WELCOME! I wanted to let you know 2 things. First come back on Monday to see the new background I made for this. Two come and check out my giveaway! Thanks for stopping by.

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I’m really excited about this because it is the first project where I don’t have to credit anyone else for the idea. Unfortunately  I didn’t take many pictures but its really easy so NBD.  So you may or may not know that glass and dry erase markers work together really well. I found a 12×12 inch frame at the craft store on clearance for $3.50 and got to work. First I took out the glass and backer and then primed and painted it a Copper brown.

While that was drying I found a 12×12 piece of cream paper and 4 other coordinating papers. (Trying to keep them fairly simple since they were going to be the background.)  Then I punched 5 large holes out of 2 of the papers and 1 small hole. With one other paper I cut all 6 small holes. The 4th Paper is for the stems.

Then I simply shaped them as flowers and used scrap booking tape to adhere them to the background.

Lastly I attached the glass to the frame using gorilla glue so that when I wrote on it it wouldn’t move!

I plan on changing the backgrounds with the seasons…or if I get board sooner….

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21 comments on “Dry erase board w/ Changeable Background

  1. This is so clever! I like that it would be so easy to change to suit the decor of my whim or even switch to a different room. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi I LOVE this idea! cute, do u think if you put a piece a craft tin/metal behind the paper that the dry erase board could be a magnet board too?

  3. Oooh I love anything with paper and frames put together. Making it practical is the frosting on top! I will be linking one of my posts to you later this month to show you off, hope you don’t mind!

  4. Super cute! I love that you can chacnge out the backgrounds – very clever! Thanks so much for joining the DIY Club! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. ~ Stephanie Lynn

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