You Capture (Depth of Field) and Pics 20-22

***Today is the last day for my giveaway***


I’m just starting to really use my camera in manual. I’ve been working on composition up until now so this was my first real trial at depth of field. With that in mind I think it turned out pretty good!

I hate this bird feeder its old ugly and no birds eta out of it only squirrels. This was my attempt to make it pretty before I rip it out.

I made this one big so you could see the heel of the shoe. Cooper got a hold of it a few weeks ago and I thought this would make a fun use of depth of field. The victim and the suspect.


22 comments on “You Capture (Depth of Field) and Pics 20-22

  1. That last shot is totally priceless. Those are some awfully cute shoes. And the dog it pretty cute too. πŸ˜‰ Great shots!

  2. What is it with dogs and shoes?? My Lab is 6 and he still loves to nibble a good sole every now and again. => (Love the colors on those heels!!)

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