Thougths on Thursday

” I need specifics”

“Honey its in the bag outside pocket in the blue case” seems pretty specific till you realize we just got back from a weekend away and there are about 6 bags to choose from. Oops no wonder my husband was frustrated with me.

“The construction people are going to call on Monday about Tuesday” In my head this means they are going to call and see if that is an option. It really meant they were going to come no matter what and were going to check in on Monday. Big problem when they showed up and the electrical hadn’t been moved yet…

These are two examples of how communication can fail. This seems to be something that hubby and I need to work on. Most of the time we are just fine, but other times we will be talking in circles because we don’t know what the other person means. All I needed to say was, Honey its in the toiletry bag outside pocket in the blue case, and we would have been fine.

This can easily become a frustration in your marriage, but its an easy one to correct. Starting now I’m going to make sure I’m clear in what I’m saying so that my hubby has less of these avoidable frustrations. This in turn will ease some tension (on those bad days we just can’t seem to say things right) and just generally make a better marriage.

Oh so check this out, the electrician is coming today to move some outlets in the kitchen and outside the house. Hubby and I talked about weather or not the vent needed to be moved before the guy came. Mac was very clear and because of that I wasn’t stressing at 10:30 at night trying to take out the vent, Thanks hon!

Deadline is tomorrow!!! Please don’t forget to write the FCC and save Video Relay Services as we know them.

One thought on “Thougths on Thursday

  1. Sometimes being specific can be tedious, but if it would help ease out communication between the two of you then it pays to be specific. I can definitely relate with you and there are instances that my husband can also be frustrated with me. =)

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