My life in pictures (well part of it.)

These pictures represent a large part of my life, basically my high school years. A time when I grew in the understanding of who I am, and learned that others opinions didn’t matter so much. The summer between my sophomore and junior year I went to Honduras for 3 months on a mission trip. When I came back my parents had moved to a new house (don’t worry I knew it was happening.) Here it is:
See those windows at the top? That was the upstairs that I shared with my brother. We each had our own room and between those two windows was a large walk in closet that we shared (a door in each room.) We went through many stages with that closet, at one point I had my dresser in the middle to divide it but most of the time it was open. ‘Buddy’ and I were great friends, we still are. In fact I can say for most of my life he was my best friend. We talk about pretty much everything. We are both married now so its different, but we are still great friends. In fact he is part of the big surprise that is happening on Monday…

This building is part of a conference center my parents ran for a while. My friend Rose and I got permission to have a place where youth from the area (we lived in a party town) could come and hang out, play games, and basically have something to do besides drink. Little did we know that soon the building would be to capacity we would have a live Worship band every weekend and we would start serving dinner. It was great and a lot of my memories happened here.

This is the main building of the Conference center my parents ran. Its amazing. I’ve worked behind the scenes, with some fairly famous people and I’ve been interpreting the weekend worship there for years. I’ve made some great friends in the “techies” that work there every year and some of the musicians as well. There has been a lot of learning here and a lot of friends made. When my first hubby got sick it was over a ‘conference weekend’ and that is where we escaped to for peace and honestly fun. I still make sure I’m there at least one weekend a year.

This was my best friends house in high school. We are still great friends, in fact he is the father of my godson that I talk about every once in a while. Heck I was friends with the whole family I was even in his sisters wedding! His parents are some of the most loving people I know, at their own expense most of the time. They always had a few random teenagers roaming about the house. I have a lot of memories of movies, back rubs, napping and eating with friends and family here.

This is literally the crossroads of my life, behind is my high school town, left is my first husbands farm home and the city we lived in when we got married. To the right is my now and my future with Mac. Here I am standing at the crossroads (on a very windy day, why is it always so windy when I travel?) I’ve had a lot happen in my life, its taken me many different directions. But I like the way its going now. I’ve been blessed beyond measure. I just can’t say enough… Here is one of my life quotes that pretty much sums it up:

“We live, we love, we forgive and never give up. Cuz the days we are given are gifts from above And today we remember to live and to love.” ~SuperChick We Live

Please don’t forget to write the FCC and save Video Relay Services as we know them.

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