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With so many choices out there how do you decide what soaps to use on your skin? I choose to use hand made, naturally derived soaps that I know all of the ingredients in. I’ve mentioned them before in a post but they are so cool I wanted to do a whole post on them.

I mean even the paper they put around their amazing soaps is beautiful. The cedar wood soap decks are hand carved and the little bit of Sisal bag is an amazing to exfoliate. I’m just starting to transition over to all natural soaps as I’m running out of what I have. Currently I’m using their Vanilla Buttermilk Bar and it is heavenly. I’m also starting to use their shampoos I just got the Rhassoul Clay and Sea Mud Shampoo Bar and the Beer and Egg Bar!

This is a truly family owned and operated business and that is another thing I like about them. They have some great deals going on through the month of May before they go on break for a few months for the new baby. So stock up now.

I asked Natalie a few questions and got a fabulous answer check it out!

We are a family of 9 (soon to be 10) who has had various garden-variety skin issues (eczema, etc.) over the years. Using steroid creams seemed to eliminate the symptoms, but not the problems, and I did not like to continue slathering steroid cream all over the bodies of my small children. One night while walking through the Mall of America, my husband and I saw a display of Lush products and freaked out at how high priced everything was…yet we marveled at the marketing success of this company. It got me thinking…”if THEY can make stuff like that…why can’t I?” And so I began a search for HOW to create ALL natural products (Lush uses chemicals as well as artificial scents/colorings in their products) that would appeal to a growing number of people who are concerned about what they put on their skin…the largest organ of their body!

My first lotion bar was the Cocoa Butter lotion bar…and it completely eliminated the eczema on my 4 year old’s legs! Encouraged by this success, I made my first loaf of soap and “tested it” on friends and family. Everyone gave it rave reviews…and I made another one. And another one.

After making many loaves and selling them “at cost” to friends/neighbors and family, I began to delve into the whole area of shampoo bars. I have so many issues with my own hair…I wanted to see if I could make a shampoo bar that would help. After a year and a half of tweaking, tweaking, tweaking…I have come up with some amazing recipes that are FABULOUS for your hair! My hair dresser is totally amazed at how shiny, healthy, and strong my long, thick, permed, colored hair is! You would NEVER know it has been so chemically treated. I do not have split end problems anymore…fly-away, elastic issues…etc. I love my hair for the first time in my entire 40 something years of life. : ) I have had so many customers rave about the results they get just switching from a conventional, chemically laden, liquid shampoo to an all natural, solid, moisturizing shampoo bar.

Right now I am getting ready to have a baby boy in June, so we are going to shut down shop for the months of June-July to enjoy our new family member. Our customer base knows this and our stock is selling out quickly. However, we will be up and running…and fully stocked…August 1st. We will have three new body bars to introduce, giving you 26 body bar choices…AND we will have two new shampoo bars giving you 10 shampoo bar choices for all different kinds of hair/scalp types.

One more note of interest: our children are very involved in our little home business! We home educate our children, giving them an opportunity to learn how to run a business, and finish college early. Our 16 year old son manages our website, makes soap decks and has over a year of college credit under his belt. His goal is to graduate from college the year he is supposed to graduate from high school. Our 14 year old son makes soap decks and fixes computer issues for me. (What would I do without THAT????) Our 10 year old daughter does data entry and measure/pours all the oils/butters for every loaf of soap that is made. I am slowly training her in on other aspects of the business as well so that she will be a great asset to her future family. The rest of the “littles” are great testers…and love to get free “sniffs” whenever a new loaf of soap is being hand cut.

So grab a cup of java and come visit our quiet, peaceful, online shop sometime! You can make purchases through the month of May. After that, you can make wish lists and come back again August 1st!

Now for the fun stuff come back next week for a big announcement and a chance to win some Apple Valley products and other great green items! Its my first giveaway!!

Please don’t forget to write the FCC and save Video Relay Services as we know them.

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