Thoughts on Thursday “Slowdown”

Life can get busy, work, kids, projects around the house….

Its easy to make it through the day without taking time to actually be with your spouse and acknowledge their existence. We just bought a new house last May and have been working on it pretty much non-stop. Even the simple act of painting can become quite time consuming. Make sure you are taking breaks between projects so that life can happen. Don’t get so caught up in the next thing that you miss out on what you are doing. The kids are going to grow up. You and your spouse are going to get older, make sure you are enjoying life while you can. Never take a single day for granted, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us.

4 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday “Slowdown”

  1. So so true 🙂 I'm not a good "busy body." When I'm busy, I'm stressed. This is probably a big reason why I don't work at a paying job. Well, that, and my down-to-the-core belief in raising my own children, never wanting them to step foot in a daycare or be a latch key kid after school ;o) I'm grateful for everything in my life, each and every day 🙂

  2. How true! Occasionally, I do tend to forget what's important… Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Very true. Some nights I finally sit down and look at my husband and think "Oh! You're here! Now I'm going to bed." and that's the end of the I'm trying to take more time to look around instead of being so consumed myself!

  4. So very true. It's really easy to forget and to take what we have in front of us for granted. Thanks for the wonderful reminder 🙂

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