Cooper photo shoot.

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This is my first follow friday, hope you like my photo shoot!

OK so these first two pictures are just snap shots so you can see how much our little guy has grown.
This is him Jan 27 sitting on a pillow (for an idea of the size.)

Here he is in late March/Early April with a 80lb golden retriever friend.

So don’t let these next pictures fool you he is a 50 lb big boy he is just eating a big bone.

On to the photo shoot (I’m kinda proud of these)

I like that this one is a little blurry it showes how excited he was for the bone.


Please don’t take it…

7 comments on “Cooper photo shoot.

  1. Happy almost Birthday 🙂 I'm happy you found my blog and Ming's delicious looking cupcakes! I haven't made any yet…but he did say those were his favorite!!

  2. Hi! I buy bones for our dogs and give them each one a day! They just love them so much.

    Great pics!! I am following you now and look forward to reading more!

  3. Happy birthday! Your pup is a cutie! I used to have two dogs- a chihuahua and a shitzu, but we had to get rid of them when we had the kids…We had them for eight years..and that was previous to little kids..they didn't adjust well… 🙁

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