So what do you do anyway?

This is me, I love what I doI get to make funny faces and no one laughs at me….
I’m a sign language interpreter!
These pictures were taken at one of my favorite places to interpret a Bible conference in the Mid-West. I started interpreting music and it is still my favorite. You can be so expressive with music and the meaning of the song. It is also the hottest job I do, summer air outdoor stage and stage lights wheww.

However that is not how I get paid my paying job is working for a video relay company. It’s pretty cool. Anyone know what TTY’s are? This is the new and improved version! Its all done though web cam and interpreters. I simply interpret everything I see the Deaf person sign on my web cam and then sign everything I hear on the phone line back to them. Its very smooth and except for the times when I’m interpreting for a man its easy to forget I’m there.

My job is so interesting, think of all the things you do and talk about over the phone. To your mom, your friend, the electric company, business meetings and so on. I can go from telling someone they have cancer to announcing a pregnancy. Its a crazy up and down job and I love it!

Any questions let me know!

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