Integrating Raw

I’m still trying to figure out how to make Raw a bigger part of my diet now that the hubby is home. The easiest way is salads, we both like them and they are easy to do on there own or with a meal. Any morning we are home together we like to make a ‘real’ breakfast instead of our normal green smoothies. Now we use a berry and date syrup that is just made in a blender. We froze the left overs and used it over the next few times. Last night the hubby even ate flax crackers! I’m working on integrating more raw items into our diet and replacing some of our staples with their raw counterparts.

Does anyone else have good ideas on how to integrate raw to a house that is not ‘into’ raw?

I’m having a house warming/Entertaining at home party this weekend at my place and I’m thinking I might make some kind of sweet treat that is raw for everyone to try…we will see.

I also just bought a raw ‘cookbook’ for more inspiration. I’m really excited about it, I just need some time to dig through it…I can’t wait for this bathroom to be done (this weekend!!!)

One thought on “Integrating Raw

  1. Love that cookbook! The apple pie is amazing! I made the taco nut meat last night.

    One easy way to have more raw is to make raw dips/spreads (like Ani's pates/cheezes) and keep chopped veggies on hand all the time. I set this out on the counter and we snack like it's a party! Easy and sneaks in some raw for people who would be a little wary otherwise (like husbands!).

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