What is a CSA?

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CSA stand for Community Supported/Sustained Agriculture. Its a monthly subscription to a local farm that delivers a portion of veggies and or fruit to you through out the summer. They can be delivered weekly bi-weekly and in different portions sizes. There are also different options as far as how the produce is grown, organic, sustainable and the like. Each CSA also has its own delivery protocols. Many have a designated pick up spot on certain days and you just let them know which one you would like to do. Some will deliver to your door, and others you need to go to the farm and pick it up yourself.

There are also options for sweets (maple syrup and jams) coffee, eggs and even meat.

One thing to realize is that this is not a groceries store you don’t get to pick what you get whatever is in season. This means you might get a lot of spinach one week and have to wait for July till you get tomatoes and the like. It also means you may get some vegetables you have never heard of before or some that you don’t like. That is fine give them away or switch with a friend.

If you interested in getting a CSA this Summer. I would suggest starting with these websites to locate one in your area www.localharvest.com or http://www.foodroutes.org/ you can find a listing for your area and start narrowing it down to which one you would like.

This is such a great way to support organic, sustainable and locally grown produce. Not to mention if your on a raw diet its a good way to get some new veggies in your diet.

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  1. I've heard of these but never totally understood. Nice info. I think it is so much more natural to eat what's in season locally anyway.

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