Thoughts on Thursday

“Don’t let fear affect your marriage.”
I have to admit this one is personal, and honestly a little embarrassing to me. But if it will help someone else well then….here it goes.
We all have fears, spiders, thunder, whatever. But some of us have bigger fears, fears that can hurt your marriage if your not careful. Some of us have lost a spouse to illness and are afraid it will happen again. We fear this so much that we don’t like to be away from our spouse and end up smothering them. Others have been cheated on either in a previous relationship or by a current spouse, and they are afraid it will happen again. They are so afraid that they don’t give themselves fully to the relationship they are in. These are just two examples of many situations, just two ways it could play out. These fears can choke a marriage, if a spouse feels like they are being smothered or they aren’t getting everything from their spouse.
This is a somewhat new revelation in my marriage, I don’t think I’m smothering the hubby. But my fear of loosing him has caused some tension recently. But the good news is that after some discussion with my husband we figured out the ‘root of the problem’ and now we, together, can work on it.
Where is fear affecting your marriage?

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