Spring wreath.

I saw this wreath on Tater Tots and Jello earlier this year and decided I wanted it to be my spring wreath. So I craft-lifted her idea made a few tweaks and made my own wreath. For her wreath and institutions you can go to her website here:

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1. First buy a wreath of any size just, remember the bigger the more flowers you have to make. I chose a 16″ wreath and in my craft store it only came in the flat style not the rounded shape. Then cut strips of burlap 2″-4″ wide depending on the size of your wreath. Hot glue the end to the wreath and start wrapping. Repeat this step till the whole wreath is covered.
2. Using various round objects cut out different sizes of burlap and fabric circles to make your flowers with. I used a plastic cup (left over from the wedding) a candle lid, and a few other things. Fold the fabric a few times so you can cut out 4 or 5 circles at at time. I cut out approx 25 of each size in both burlap and scrap fabric. All together it was around 100 circles if I had to guess.
3. Now start making your flowers . Its easy just build them from the bottom up largest to smallest alternating burlap and fabric. You can change it up on how many layers and if you want fabric on fabric or burlap on burlap just make a variety. Fasten them together with a brad. Most of the flowers I could poke through by hand but a few were thick enough that I used my big bite to punch a hole.
I also made some small folded bunches that you can see in the bottom left corner of this picture. I took two circles of the same size and put them back to back right side out then I folded it accordion style two or 3 times and fastened it with a brad.

4. Next I went through the pile and made about 85% of them have some texture and volume. I used hot glue and made a few folds here and there and then glued them together to give them more dimension.

5. Now just glue them to the wreath! I had a lot of one particular yellow fabric (since I was using scrap) so I put those flowers in their own pile and made sure to spread them out between the other flowers. I saved the little rosettes till the end and used them to fill in the bare areas.

There you have it!

A few notes:

This is made out of styrofoam so make sure if you hang it outside it is in a safe from rain area (ie on a door between the storm door or under a larger overhang.)

I need to start remembering to take pictures before its dark out or when I don’t have time to upload them so I take them with my phone. Come back tonight for better pictures.

I had everything but the wreath and the burlap on hand. Plus I bought those to things with coupons! That made this a very cheap project!

If you make one please post it some where and either send me the link or a picture or put it in the comments I would love to see it!

PS come back tomorrow for some more 100 possibilities project pictures!

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7 comments on “Spring wreath.

  1. the burlap adds a nice touch to the flowers. I would love for you to stop by my Bring In The Spring party – it starts tonight.

  2. Lovely wreath. Craftlifted, lol! I’d forgotten that term until I saw it on your post, very appropriate for what we bloggers do! ; 0 ) You did a great job with the colors, textures and design of this wreath. So clever.

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