Things I love

Something Green:

Can I just tell you how much I love these, wow oh wow. They are double layered and very well made. Not to mention as green as you can get compared to the plastic bags at the store. These you can use over and over again and they are so bright and cheerful. I’ve tried a few different kinds and these are my favorite by far. I’m going to get a second set now that I’m eating more raw (and my dog may or may not have eaten one or two.) Check out Love for Earth and see what they have in stock, oh and her shipping prices are amazing and each set comes with a cute tote to keep them in!

Something To Do:
Its spring and last summer my boats didn’t make it into the water I’m so excited for our first paddle!

Something Old:

these are my favorite silver shoes,as you can see they have been well loved too. They are stained and have a hole in the toe. Its time to replace them but I just can’t seem to find anything good enough.

Something New:

Oral-B tooth brush- I have weak teeth and a sugar habit lets just say I’m more than a little cavity prone. I just switched from my Sonicare to this Oral-B. My teeth feel like they just came out of the dentist office squeaky clean! Plus with the smaller replaceable heads than my Sonicare there is less waste.

Something Yummy:

Caribou Coffee Passion Fruit-Green Tea Smoothie (just had my first one this year)

Something techie:

The map on my Google Analytics it says people from the:



United Kingdom







have all visited my blog how cool is that!

Someone on Twitter:

@Gadgetmom6 is as addicted to tech and such as I am but she knows more than me and has helped me with a lot of questions recently about switching phones to one that actually works. I know many people love their blackberrys but I’m over them.

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