Raw Week 3

Day 15~ Smoothie for breakfast and lunch (I was in a hurry) with carrots on the side. Dinner was and AMAZING Cashew cheese log and flax crackers from a local raw restaurant. I split it in half and had a 1/2 a grapefruit with it. Full Raw Day!!

Day 16~ Smoothie, and leftover cheese log and grapefruit. For dinner I was at a friends for spaghetti and puppy play time.

Day 17~ Smoothie, Yummy salad with avocado, tomatoes, red pepper, sunflower seeds, and cut up olives for the ‘dressing’ (the good kind soaked in all sorts of spices and oil from the local co-op) Dinner at friends, we had crock pot chicken burritos.

Day 18~ Smoothie, delish lettuce wraps with my home made tomato pesto (a few substitutions to the recipe) and a salad for dinner.

Day 19~ Smoothie and then hubby was home we had a snack of chips and salsa and then went out for PF Changs for his moms birthday.

Day 20~ Not raw at all celebrating the hubby being home. (ok that is kinda a lie instead of syrup on our pancakes we did a raw berry syrup that was amazing just dates a little water and berries!)

Day 21~ Smoothie with watermelon! Lettuce wraps with homemade sun dried tomato pesto spouts, red peppers and something else I can’t remember. Dinner will be Italian before the hockey game we are going to tonight.


I know I’ve said my skin is clearer but I’ve also noticed that when I do get a blemish it heals much faster. I feel like the world is much clearer, I don’t know if this is solely because of the raw diet but I believe its a part of it. My brain just seems to be functioning better. I find I’m full faster and honestly a little longer (I still have a decent metabolism.) I have more resistance to the ‘bad’ snacks at work and am craving more healthy snacks. The other day all I could think about was an apple with cheese slices!!

Hopes for the future~

I want to keep raw as a part of my diet to help balance out the processed foods that will still be a part of my life. I’m hoping that 2 or 3 days a week I will at least be raw for 2 meals a day and maybe even a full day. Ryan likes salads and summer is coming so that will help a lot. I’ve seen improvements in my appetite, cravings, and skin, so why would I stop? 🙂

I want to get a dehydrator (I had a loaned one from my parents for years but they finally wanted it back) and a bigger food processor, I think mine is only 2 or 3 cups. Any suggestions for those to things in a ‘normal’ price range would be appreciated.

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