Raw week 2

Day 8~ Smoothie, leftover tacos from before the hubby left…gotta clear out the fridge. Dinner was raw spaghetti. It was good I reviewed a few recipes for sauce and decided to go basic 2 tomatoes, garlic and green onions all blended up in my food processor. Shredded zucchini as ‘pasta.’

Day 9~ Smoothie, healthy frozen dinner, handful of raw nuts for a snack and Zucchini spaghetti and apples with aged cheddar for supper.

Day 10~ Smoothie (with fresh lemon juice a few carrot sticks) Green wraps for lunch with spouts, raw tuna salad, cucumber and carrot sticks on the side, Raw nuts for a snack and a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner.

Day 11~ Smoothie, Green Wraps and Leann Chin for dinner (a friend asked me out and I miss having dinner with people.)

Day 12~ Banana for breakfast, and some pistachios, Lunch was lettuce wraps, and dinner was Mexican out with the family (cuz’s birthday)

Day 13~ Banana for breakfast, salad for lunch and apples and cheese for supper. (Day 1 of 4 totally raw.)

Day 14~ Orange and pistachios for breakfast, salad for lunch and banana, nuts and chicken noodle soup for dinner (tummy was bugging me.)

My skin is still fairly clear it is definitely better than normal. I feel more awake during the day but still have a need for a nap when I get home. This might have something to do with not getting enough sleep overnight and the work load at home and work. I have noticed the first negative thing all though I don’t have any proof it is from the raw diet it has been the only major change lately. I’m having a gas build up problem….embarrassing, it hurts. I found if I eat less more often then that helps a lot. I”m going to try that today and see what happens. As long as we are on gross and embarrassing topics I’ve also noticed that my body is processing food more efficiently and that is a big plus. Our bodies weren’t created to digest all of these crazy chemicals and processed foods.

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