Google Reader!!!

Here is a screenshot of my google reader, love it!
So here is how it breaks down. This not only pulls together blogs with RSS feeds and the blogs I ‘follow’ I can also just add the home page web address of any blog I like and it will include them In my list.
I think I follow about 40 blogs right now, I’m currently going through my list and weeding out the ones I don’t really care about.
Some of the great things you can do with the reader is tag posts and star them as well. I have tags for sewing projects, crafts, inspiration, photography and Photo shop Elements. I love that I can tag a post and then find it easy later when I want to refer to that craft or hint that I liked.
It is also a great way to read posts on blogs that play music while I’m at work. Plus it just has everything all in one place. This is nice at work too since I can’t bookmark anything on my computer here.
Well I better go now, I don’t read blogs on the weekend and according to my reader I have 72 blog posts to catch up on.

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