Thoughts on Thursday

” Love from afar”

My hubby has been out of town for almost 2 weeks now and has one week to go. We dated long distance (4 hours away) and got used to the phone and e-mail thing. However that doesn’t make it any easier.

Business trips are a reality of the day so how do we keep in touch with each other and that makes keeping up good communication and a solid relationship tough. Heck its hard when you are both in the same house. Hubby and I are making good use of the technology around us, cell phones, pictures sent via e-mail, skype, blogs, e-mail and the like. Pictures are huge especially if you have children (or a fast growing silly acting puppy like we do.) They are a good way to keep them in the loop. Hubby is also doing a great job of letting me know he is out there by commenting on my blog (thus letting me know he is reading it) it honestly make me feel special to know that he is out there and paying attention.

Also don’t forget to keep them in the loop, there are always everyday decisions that you can make on your own but don’t make the big decisions without them just because they aren’t there. Make sure you still discuss things so that you are on the same page.

Lastly don’t forget the use of ‘snail’ mail. What feels better than getting a care package or note in the mail from you loved one. Just ask their hotel how you can send it to them.


PS check out this artical on “What really makes a marriage happy”

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I totally agree with everything you said. Tom and I are getting pretty good and communicating in all other forms lately because of our current circumstances. In some case I think we even communicate better than before. We always discuss how the kids are doing and what is new with them and never make important decisions without consulting the other. It's great. What a wonderful world we live in now-days that such a thing is possible. Thank you Lord!

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