Tusday randomness. (giveaways and freebies)

I’m out of it today I have a million things going through my head and none of them are related to the other so lets just get it all out on the page here.

First the fun stuff, here are some giveaways and freebies that I’m loving right now, this is also a good way to get a sneak peek at my reading list.

Here is a Sterling Silver hand hammered necklace giveaway. I want one of these so bad.

Here is one for a cute and eco friendly baby shower gift or prize for all you mommies out there.

Here is a link for a free photobook ( I haven’t tried it yet I’m at work)

This is a large ‘8×11′ PhotoBook to all new customers {not the small 8×8’s or flip books}. To Get a free Classic photo book at Picaboo! Use code AFFLGB. New customers can choose a 20-page ‘Large Classic’, ‘Classic Leather’, or ‘Classic Custom’ high quality photo book (valued at $39.99).

Now on to my other ramblings. Today is taking forever. It is my Monday (I normally work Tuesday-Friday) without a hubby to go home to its dragging on. I’m just not excited. Normally I would be excited about the bathroom project but I worked on that for about 12 hrs a day for 3 days and I’m kinda over it. I need to get myself excited again or its never going to happen. My goal is to have it painted and all the wood re stained before my Hubby comes home in two weeks. Sounds easy enough but I’m going to be gone for the weekend so yeah.. I would really like to get some of the tile down but we will see.

I’ve also been reading a lot about people cleaning out their house and getting rid of all of the things they didn’t need. This is something I’ve tried before but it seems like the clutter always comes back. I have a lot of projects I want to do around the house and this is a big one. But I have to finish that bathroom first…

I am excited to see my friends this weekend but that is going to make my 2 weeks of raw a little more hard. I’m going to take things to make my smoothies and for salads but since I only am going raw 2 meals a day I think I can make it. We will see…

Ok long rambling post I”ll be more focused tomorrow


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